Engraved gifts have been around for donkey’s years. In fact, this custom dates right back to one million years BC. People used to give each other sentimental tokens like engraved cups, bowls, and even engraved jewellery to deliver significant messages of love and respect.

During the Middle Ages, European goldsmiths crafted beautiful engraved gifts and items, designed for the home such as cups, bowls, jugs and vases, each of which were engraved with elaborate pictures and patterns.

This engraving eagerness spread to Ancient Rome and Greece, where wealthy Grecians and Romans would specially make these items for displaying in the home. Long ago, (and still to this day), things like pocket watches with touching messages were passed from grandfather to grandson and engraved wedding bands were passed from mother to daughter. Because of these customs, engraved presents speak of romance and eternal elegance.

Since then, engraving has been applied to all kinds of things, and developed drastically. From engraved silver cufflinks to engraved glasses, there are so many items out there which are as pretty as they are practical, and will also remind friends and family how much you care.

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